Blue Sand Resort and Hotel (Шри-Ланка)

Фото Курортный отель Blue Sand Resort and Hotel

Один из лучших вариантов, выбранных нами в городе Тринкомали.Курортный отель Blue Sand с собственным пляжем расположен в 5 км от горячих источников Канния. Расстояние до форта Фредерик составляет 7 км. В ресторане подают блюда азиатской и местной кухни, а также морепродукты и итальянские блюда.

В номерах курортного отеля обустроена гостиная зона. Номера курортного отеля Blue Sand располагают собственной ванной комнатой с биде, бесплатным Wi-Fi, а в некоторых номерах есть балкон.

По утрам для гостей сервируют континентальный и американский завтрак.

К услугам гостей терраса. Гости курортного отеля Blue Sand могут заняться различными видами активного отдыха в Тринкомали, в том числе велоспортом.

Сотрудники круглосуточной стойки регистрации предоставят информацию о местных достопримечательностях.

Храм Конешварам находится в 8 км от курортного отеля.

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Отзывы Курортный отель Blue Sand Resort and Hotel

Olga 2019-08-15 09:34:43
At Blue Sand Resort and Hotel, money is missing from rooms!
Booked hotel Palm Beach Resort in Upuveli (Trincomalee). For a day they wrote to the hotel to confirm the time of arrival, but no one answered us. We thought that there could be interruptions in the Internet (we have the same reservation) and went to the hotel! Upon arrival, it turned out that they were not waiting for us there! A watchman came out and said that he himself could not get through to the hotel owner ... He went somewhere and said that the only thing that could be done for us was to take us to a neighboring hotel. It turned out to be Blue Sand Resort and Hotel. There was nothing left to do as agreed to settle in it, there was already darkness on the street! We had planned 8 nights. The managers of Blue Sand Resort and Hotel were friendly, everyone smiled and offered us to stay all this time at their hotel. We agreed. The rooms are shabby, the linen is dirty ... They asked to replace - they replaced ... The rooms are not cleaned ... On the fifth day, the manager approached us and offered to clean the room, for some reason he said to leave him the room keys. We gave the key and went for a walk along Trincomalee. All valuables were left in the room, as these people managed to win us over. However, upon arrival, we immediately discovered the loss of money !!!!!!!! Immediately, this manager suggested that we do not pay for the room for 5 nights and leave the hotel. We did not agree, demanded a refund! They called the police, they lost the whole day! Naturally, the money was not returned to us! Upuveli has a large selection of hotels, do not repeat our mistake and do not settle in the Blue Sand Resort and Hotel.

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